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Alkaleen Liquid Heavy Duty 20 Ltr

Code: RXSOL-20-2005-020

Quick Overview:

Quantity: 20.00 Ltr.

Available Sizes: 5, 25 ltr, 50, 210 ltr. and 1000 Ltr IBC TANK. A suitable product for TANK CLEANING and cargo hold cleaning.

Active Matter: 68-69%

Alias: Tank Clean Alkaline Extra ,Alclean, Alclean PBC , CHC - 1000 / GR-50 / LAC / 4pcs x 25lt “KT 4900Plu, Care Clean Alkaline Extra , Alcaclean HD, EAZY AQUALAC, ER-AC PLUS (KOH based Alkleen Liquid)


Product Details:

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